CDWD Board of Trustees

Dr. Keith Porter *
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Retired Director, NYS Water Resources Institute
Cornell University

Mr. Gary P. Gailes
President, Board of Trustees

Ms. Carol O'Beirne
Vice President, Board of Trustees
Executive Director, Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Lewis E. Kolar *
Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Retired Bank Executive

Mr. Michael Porter *
Secretary, Board of Trustees
Retired High School Science Teacher


Ms. Sally Fairbairn
Editor, Writers in the Mountains


Mr. Kenneth B. Goldman *
Retired Travel Industry Executive


Mr. Robert Kalb
Retired Planning Board Chairman


Mr. Robert Levin *
Computer Consultant


Mr. Glenn Miller *
Shandaken Zoning Enforcement Officer


Mr. John Riedl * 
Retired Superintendent, Margaretville Central School


Mr. Alan Rosa
Executive Director, the Catskill Watershed Corporation


Judith Schwartzstein, Public Affairs Consultant


Mr. Jim Waters *
Executive Director, Catskill Forest Association

Ms. Carol Urban, Ph.D.
Insurance Consultant


Mr. Leonard Utter *
Supervisor, Town of Middletown


Mr. Eric Wedemeyer
Coldwell Banker-Timberland Properties


Ms. MartieGailes
Administrative Manager of the Board of Trustees


Mr. Dennis Metnick, Esq. *
Counsel to the Board of Trustees

Those marked with an asterisk were original members and are no longer active.


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